Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good & Perfect Gift

Randy & Mercy

by Abigail Miller 

Many, many years ago God wrote the first love story,
When He made a perfect woman, for a perfect man.
And ever since that day He's been working in His wondrous way,
To write new love stories like no other can.
He has looked upon your lives to bless with you with each other;
He has known from the beginning where the two of you belong.

He has made a good and perfect gift,
A gift that's from above.
For there are few gifts more precious,
Than the gift of one true love.
We will lift our hearts in praise to Him;
To Him upon the throne.
All the glory for this love story,
Belongs to Him alone.

He has given you a pattern from the depths of His own heart,
For a perfect love that only two in Him can share.
For His love is ever true, and His mercies every day are new.
The riches of His grace are far beyond compare.
He will guide you every day, make you one with each other.
He will make your love story a beautiful love song.